In 1967, a small group of enthusiasts who met weekly to sing in the Masons’ Arms decided to start a club to attract traditional performers to Cornwall.┬áThe first recorded club night of the Bodmin Traditional Folk Club was on 31st May 1968 in an upper room at The Barley Sheaf.

Since that night, the club has met almost every single Friday night, welcoming a range of singers, musicians and occasional dancers from Britain and beyond at both guest nights and open houses.

The club has been housed at the Mason’s Arms, The Barley Sheaf, The Garland Ox and for a short period at Syd’s Bar since it began, and has been running in the Band & Social Club since the end of April 2015.

Bodmin Folk Club is a members club, offering discounts on guest and open house nights.

Full details on membership are here.

Plenty of club night pics and clips over on Facebook and twitter.