Sara Grey & Kieron Means | 9 March 2018

By | March 1, 2018

Singer and banjo player Sara Grey mostly plays and tours with her son, Kieron Means, who is a remarkable singer and guitar player and is passionate in his desire to carry on the presentation of old songs and tunes.

She has always been interested in the migration of songs across the Atlantic and has worked closely with other traditional singers from Scotland and Ireland to look at the movement of Celtic songs and how they change. She has also looked at the culture of Travellers in Scotland and the movement of their songs and stories to North America.

Sara’s love affair with traditional songs for over 60 years has given her an incomparable knowledge of songs and ballads and how they have moved and evolved. She wants to gather the songs and pass them on to future generations so that they will have the pleasure of hearing and singing them just as she has. Her career is not about herself, it has been about the songs, about sharing them with others and ensuring that they go on living in our traditions.