New link for booking advance tickets

As the company we used to use to book tickets through, isn’t going to continue, we have come up with a new way of booking advance tickets for any guests you want to see. On the diary page you will see a new link or you can email directly on Your ticket will be… Read More »

Support your local morris side

Imagine the scene, a warm summer evening, the jingling of bells, the sound of wood on wood and music drifts through the air. Yes it is morris season again and around here we have a whole host of morris sides so why not go and support them. Many members of Trigg Morris, based in Bodmin,… Read More »

Who’s coming up in the next few weeks

Just a heads up on the list of truly epic guests coming in the next few months. As you will know, this May sees the club being open for 55 years and in the run up to it we have some top name guests appearing that you won’t want to miss. So, check out the… Read More »